Winter is approaching and the weather is getting colder and colder on the streets. In this article, you will find nine different Uniqlo jacket models that you cannot miss if you want to be trendy this winter.

1. Men Fishtail Parka

This classic parka from JW Anderson comes in olive and navy blue perfectly blends style and functionality and is perfectly water repellent. Perfect for the most humid environments.

2. Men pocketable UV protection parka

This parka has a wide variety of colors available and multiple sizes to choose from. It is perfect to pack and store because of its size and lightweight, it is also water repellent and protects from UV rays.

3. Men Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Coat

A classic and elegant option that combines warmth with style. It is made from premium cashmere-blended fabric and includes luxurious details for superior quality.

4. Women Pocketable UV Protection Parka

This model is also light and comfortable to carry, as well as coming in a range of matte colors that can be perfectly combined with any piece of clothing. The seams are fine and its material facilitates the movement of the body inside this jacket, in addition to protecting from the rain.

5. Women Oversized Parka

A comfortable wide jacket to allow the comfortable wearing of oversized sweaters underneath. It is made of a multipurpose material that is suitable for any temperature, both for winter and mid-season and is also water repellent.

6. Women Corduroy Relaxed Jacket

A thin and short jacket currently on-trend, with wide sleeves to facilitate the movement of the arms. It comes in black and white colors and can be combined with high-neck shirts.

7. Over Shirt Jacket

This casual model is perfect to wear both as a jacket and as a sweater, its soft and elastic material allows comfortable and regular use of this model as well as being easily washable at home. This is a perfect match with high neck tops.

8. Kids Fluffy Yarn Fleece Long-Sleeve Jacket

A colorful, soft, and fluffy jacket for the little ones in the house. It comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes and adapts perfectly to the great physical activity of children.

9. Kids Pile-Lined Fleece Blouson

An elegant vintage jacket marked by the characteristic design of the collar, it comes in the colors brown or navy blue. This model perfectly combines design, materials, and functionality.

10. Kids Denim Jersey Jacket

A fine jacket recommended for halftime that perfectly combines comfort and sophistication. It’s soft, casual, and great to pair with any type of clothing.