Always a necessity for any skincare routine, moisturizers become especially important with the season change. The cold air of the winter months tends to make even the healthiest skin feel itchy and parched. Take care of yourself and make sure that your skin does not lose its glow with these ten moisturizers.

Clinique Moisture Sourge 72hr Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

A hand free exercise bike design for a low impact workout. Burn your calories while watching TV or while you are texting over your phone. Comes with an adjustable height of the seat.

Follain Mattifying Oil Control Moisturizer

If you have a tendency towards oily, shiny skin, this moisturizer is a lifesaver. It hydrates your skin without leaving you with a heavy feel, thanks to its oil-free ultra-lightweight formula.

Dr. Denese HydroShield Hydrating Dream Cream

Use this face cream in the morning and in the evening if you want to rejuvenate your skin, smooth out wrinkles, and alleviate dryness! It helps your skin retain moisture and makes sure that it stays smooth day and night.

tarte 100% Pure Cold Pressed Maracuja Oil

For a pure and natural addition to your skincare routine, dry this maracuja oil. Cold-pressed, it retains a high dose of fatty acids and vitamins essential for firm skin.

Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer

Another moisturizer utilizing plant power is this face cream. It facilitates skin-cell turnover and helps you improve your skin tone and texture. Combining extracts from plants like apple, apricot, or lavender, it comes with the very best nature has to offer.

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

Minimize your pores and smooth out your skin for a healthy, youthful look giving you all the confidence you need in the darker seasons!

Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM

This serum, coming in practical packaging with a pipette, contains microencapsulated retinol. It moisturizes and reduces wrinkles with vitamins C and E.

TATCHA The Water Cream Moisturizer

Its turquoise packaging makes for a bright, colorful spot on your bathroom shelf, and the floral ingredients bring a burst of spring into your skincare.

Clientele Skincare Age Blocker

It is all-too-easy to forget putting on sunscreen in the colder months, but the often very clear sky, as well as the reflective brightness of snow, make it a must-have in your skincare arsenal after the season change.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar

If you are looking for something lightweight, that nourishes your skin without leaving a greasy film, this antioxidant-rich formula is just what you need. It contains lactic acid which provides gentle exfoliation.